GemsKingz Cutting Studio

This is our cutting Studio. On the photo you can see the cutting machine and the preforming handwheel. The handwheel is recommented for small rough stones, like the blue zircon from cambodia. Comfortable seat place and a good light makes cutting fun. Many different laps on the shelf for the different cutting or pre-polish. The watertank used for cooling and binding dust on the lap.

The cutting machine is a ultrapol 1200 from ultra tec. We build some special digital angle encoder and a small display to it. It’s helps for the precision angle cutting of the facets. If you want know, how it works or build your own display to your cutting machine, feel free to contact us.

Here is a photo of our dopping station in the studio. It an important place for dopping the preformed gemstones on the dopstick. Clean enviroment is good for the quality of the cutting. We head up the wax and the stone a little bit with the gasoline torch. Three different kind of wax is easy to find the best way for dopping.

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